How to Use Chrome to Get Around Article Limits of your Favorite Online Newspaper

If you visit newspaper websites on a regular basis, chances are you have run across them cutting off access to an article because you reached the limit of complimentary articles. Instead of seeing the article, you see link to subscribe to the site.

These sites use cookies to track how many articles you have read, so if you open the article in a browser without that cookie, then you will be able to read the article. Google Chrome’s incognito mode is the perfect solution to this.

While browsing the newspaper in Chrome, instead of left-clicking to open the article like you normally would, right-click on the article link. This will open up a context menu. Click on “Open link in incognito window” in the menu. This will open up the article in a new window without cookies.

Once you are done reading the article, simply close the window.

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