Using Incognito Mode in Google Chrome

Incognito mode in Google Chrome is a useful tool to have during your everyday web browsing. Browsing in incognito mode keeps Chrome from remembering your activity and allows you to browse privately. Other people who use the same device won’t see your activity unless they are looking over your shoulder or you forget to close the incognito window you opened.

Why would you want to use an incognito window for browsing the web? The most common reason is to make sure there is not a saved history of the sites you have visited. This comes in handy when researching gifts for a family member who lives in the same house. It also keeps your browsing out of your regular google search history when you want to research something personal like medical information among other things.

It’s easy to launch an incognito window. Click the “more” button at the top right of the browser. The “more” button looks like a vertical line of three small circles. When the “more” menu appears choose “New Incognito Window”. A new window will appear and have the incognito icon at the top right.

While you are browsing with incognito mode, Chrome will not permanently save your tracking cookies, browsing history, site and form data. They will be deleted after the incognito session has ended. All bookmarks are still available and new ones can be created while browsing privately and will not disappear when you exit incognito mode. Keep in mind your ISP or employer can still see the sites you visit.

You can regular and incognito windows open at the same time. You’ll only be browsing privately when you are using the incognito window. If you use the incognito window to open a new tab or window, all of them will be using the same browsing session. In order to fully exit incognito mode, all incognito tabs and windows must be closed.

If you use incognito mode often, then you should learn the keyboard shortcut to launch an incognito window. While you are in Chrome, hold down the control and shift keys and press the ‘n’ key (on a Mac, hold down the command and shift keys and press the ‘n’ key). This keyboard shortcut will launch an incognito windows faster than launching with the more menu

If there are sites you regularly visit in incognito mode, there are several extensions available to always open them in incognito mode automatically such as Hidden: Auto-Incognito Filter.