Add A Custom Calendar (Sports, Holiday, etc) to Google Calendar

You can improve the usefulness of your Google Calendar by adding custom calendars for sports and holidays. Instead of searching Google for the exact date of a certain holiday, you can simply look at your Google calendar. If you add the calendar for your favorite sports team(s), the score on the calendar will update in real time and you can reference past scores.

To add a custom calendar, click the ‘+’ next to “Add a Friend’s Calendar” at the top of “My Calendars”.

In the list, choose “Browse calendars of interest”.

Find the calendar you want from one of the different dropdowns. Click the checkbox next to it to add it to your calendar. Optionally, you can click the preview icon to see what is on that calendar.

To remove the calendar, uncheck the checkbox.

Real-Time Sport Scores

Sports events from the past will show the score of the game. If the game is in progress, you can click on it and get a real-time update of the score. Pretty helpful if you are at work and just want to check what your favorite team is up to.

Real-time score of a game in progress

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