Using Drop Down Lists in Google Sheets

I’ve uploaded a video to the Google Sheets Training Youtube channel detailing using a drop down list. It covers data validation with a list of items and a range of items.

YouTube: Using Drop Down Lists for Data Validation

Drop down lists in Google Sheets help to speed up data entry and eliminate errors when the values are used in functions.


When using a range of values for your drop down list, make the range larger to include blank cells where you can add values later. If there is a blank value in the range, it will not be included in the drop down list. Also, if there are duplicates in the range, they will not show up multiple times in the drop down list.

Drop down lists are great to use with conditional formatting for to-do lists and content calendars.

If you want to remove data validation from a cell, right click and choose data validation, then click the “remove validation” button.

If you have any questions or ideas for future videos you can leave them in the video’s comments.