How to Create a YouTube Tag Planning Tool with Google Sheets

I’ve posted a video detailing how to create a YouTube Tag Planning Tool.

Video: Create a YouTube Tag Planning Tool with Google Sheets

If you want to skip the video and just get the tool, here is a link to download the spreadsheet to your Google Drive:

YouTube Tag Planning Tool

This Google spreadsheet has sections for your common tags for a type of video and tags specific for the video you are creating. It creates running totals so you can see how many characters you are using and have left to use.

Here are some tips for creating tags on your YouTube video:

  • You can use tools like TubeBuddy/VidIQ to see the tags of “competing” videos. These can be used as “inspiration” for your video’s tags.
  • Target low competition keywords when you are getting started.
  • YouTube allows 500 characters in the tag field including delimiters.
  • Put the most important tags you want to rank for first.

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