Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

Bookmarks Bar

  • Launch all the bookmarks in a folder – Right-click on a folder in the bookmarks bar and choose “Open All”. This is great if you depend on a set of tabs and they don’t reopen the next time you start Chrome
  • Reduce a link down to it’s favicon – Right click on the bookmark and choose “Edit…”. In the name field, remove all the text and click “Save”. This will allow you to have space for many more bookmarks.

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you use Chrome as part of your regular workflow, learning the keyboard shortcuts will save you hours of time over the course of a year. Just pick a shortcut and start using it. Once you have it mastered, learn another one. A full list of shortcuts and be found HERE.

  • CTRL-W – Close the currently open tab.
  • CTRL-T – Open a new tab.
  • CTRL-SHIFT-T – Re-open the last closed tab. Keep pressing to re-open tabs in the order they were closed.
  • ALT-D – Highlight the text in the current address. Useful to instantly start typing a new address to navigate to.

Omnibox (Address Bar)

The omnibox takes the address bar to the next level.

  • Instead of navigating to, type searches directly in the omnibox. Results will start to auto-complete as you type.
  • Type math problems in the omnibox for instant answers.
  • Search for Google Drive documents by typing the names of documents in the omnibox. Matches will begin to appear in the list below.