Google Sheets Tips and Tricks for Spreadsheet Productivity

This is a page where I’m going to keep a list of Google Sheets tips as I come across them.


  • Pressing CTRL+ENTER while editing a cell will insert a line break in the cell so you can have multi-line cells.
  • You can double-click on the cell’s handle to auto-fill down to the same cell level as the adjacent cell.


  • When selecting a range, you can hold the CTRL key and choose non-sequential cells.
  • Use the ‘$’ in front of the column and/or row to lock the formula so it does not change.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • CTRL-Y will repeat the last action such as formatting a cell or adding a row.
  • CTRL-\ will remove the formatting from the selected range.
  • CTRL\` will show all the formulas in the cells. Press again to show results view.
  • Highlight a range and press CTRL+ENTER to fill down through the range.
  • F4 – Toggle between absolute and relative references when in a formula.
  • F2 or CTRL+ENTER to edit the current cell

Drop Down Lists

  • When using a range of values for your drop down list, make the range larger to include blank cells where you can add values later. If there is a blank value in the range, it will not be included in the drop down list.


  • Discover formulas by typing = and then the start of a function name to find all names starting with the same letters.


  • You can search for a sheet right in the Chrome Omnibox. Just start typing the name and it will start to autocomplete just like a web address. Then just arrow down to the entry to open it up.
  • To start a new spreadsheet fast, type “” in the address bar to instantly begin a new spreadsheet. Click the folder next to the name to change it’s location from the root folder.