Copper Socks Keep My Feet From Smelling - Seriously!

I've lived with smelly feet since I was a kid and it seems like it's only gotten worse as I've gotten older. I got to the point where I was rotating through 5 pairs of shoes and spraying them with vodka after each wearing. I tried prescription Drysol to eliminate the perspiration on my feet and an assortment of sprays and powders. Still I could smell my feet from under my desk at work even with my shoes on. It got to the point that I would try to keep my shoes off as much as I could under my desk so my feet could air out. My hopes were lifted briefly when my wife bought me a 10-pack of athletic socks that claimed to be anti-microbial, but they did not help. 

One day I searched for non-smelly socks on Amazon. I came across some socks with copper weaved into the fabric which claimed to help with foot odor. Many of the reviews had people claiming it stopped their feet from stinking, so I ordered a 5 pack. I received them in 2 days and gave them a wear. They were a little thinner than I preferred (not as thick as a sport sock, but not as thin a dress sock) and they only came up a little bit above the ankle. At this point, I had no expectations.

About halfway though my day, I kicked off my shoes under my desk and was greeted with...NO ODORS! Come on, it couldn't be this easy right? When I got home, I pulled off my shoes and they did not stink at ALL! The socks actually killed the smells from inside the shoes too. I now had no smelly socks and no smelly shoes. I was now able to wear my favorite pair of shoes as much as I wanted.

After a week of high-fiving myself for "curing" my foot odor issue, I ordered another set of socks so I always have clean ones on hand. I've been using them for about 6 months now and they still are fighting foot odors like they are just out of the package. They work so well, that even if they wore out fast, I'd be happy to keep buying them. That's how much of an impact they have had on my life. Also, regular use of copper socks is supposed to help with athlete's foot too!

Hoping to rid my house of kids stinky feet to, I searched for kid size socks with copper, but was unable to find any. There does not seem to be a big selection of copper socks style-wise and about half of them seem to be the compression variety. If you are looking for athletic ankle or no-show socks, there many available.

Here is a listing of the socks that are the best reviewed (non-compression ones) and the first listing is the socks I wear every day.