MS SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) Keyboard Shortcuts I Use Everyday

In my position, I use MS SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) every day. I'm not a power user by any stretch, but I still crave keyboard shortcuts to make things easier. I mostly use it to look up/change information in our databases. I've compiled a list of keyboard shortcuts I use on a regular basis. This is not a list for the power user, but a good start if you are just learning or have a role similar to mine and want to be more efficient.

For a complete list of keyboard shortcuts, refer to SQL Server Management Studio Keyboard Shortcuts on Microsoft Docs.

I use SQL Management Studio V17.0 and all these work on my system. Some do not work on different versions of SSMS.

  • Open a new query window (CTL+N)
  • Execute the highlighted query (F5)
  • Open query pane after "Edit top 200 rows" (CTL+3)
  • Toggle results pane (CTL+4)
  • Toggle between open tabs (CTL+TAB)
  • Cycle through MDI query windows (CTL+F6) (SHIFT+CTL+F6)
  • Close the current MDI (CTL-F4)
  • Toggle through tool windows (ALT-F7)
  • Toggle between edit and results pane (F6)
  • Toggle full screen mode (SHIFT+ALT+ENTER)
  • Goto Line (CTL-G)
  • Comment out current selection/line (CTL-K, CTL-C)
  • Uncomment current selection/line (CTL-K, CTL-U)
  • Copy the result grid and headers to the clipboard (CTL-SHIFT-C)

If I missed one that really helps you out, leave a note in the comments.