Mounting Amazon Echo Dot in the Kitchen

  • The power/audio cable come through the same hole as the iPad power
  • Mounted with command strips so it can come off "easily"
  • Spotify is on the iPad to easily play songs on the fly

I had an Apple Airport Express to play music in the kitchen before I installed the Dot. That setup has a little bit of friction to get music going (unlock device, connect to airport, play song from app, hope airplay does not disconnect). Now, playing music is just saying "Alexa, play music". Also, controlling the volume is easy as walking up to dot and giving the ring a turn. 

We added the Alexa voice remote so we can give commands, skip tracks, or change the volume from the back porch.

I have a power strip inside cabinet where I charge iPads and Kindles. The Dot and iPad are plugged in there. In the corner cabinet, there is a small amp hooked up to some old speakers I have on the top of the cabinets and on the porch with the speakers run through a selector switch. Since the amp is so small, we leave it on all the time. The audio cable runs through a couple cabinets from the Dot to the amp. The volume of the amp is left to ~60% and the dot controls the volume of the input.

Spotify shows the echo in the app, so the music can be controlled from anywhere.