Blogging Podcasts I Listen to

Having just started this blog, the majority of research I did was via blogging podcasts. I use the Overcast app on iOS to find and listen to these podcasts. Blogging is a popular podcast subject which mean there are very many "dead" blogging podcasts in the directories out there. It's so much fun to click on a promsing podcast and find out they only made 2 episodes back in 2012. Seriously, if you got out of podcasting that long ago with fewer episodes than fingers I have on one hand, just remove it from the internet.

The only podcasts that made it onto my phone were ones that are currently releasing episodes. Technology changes so fast so you don't want to be saddled with years old advice about promoting your blog on Myspace (not sure that was a thing, but I'll go with it). I put all these into a smart playlist and listen to them in order by release date. Since there are hundreds of episode to catch up on I liberally delete episodes which cover subjects I'm not interested in such as small business topics.

Here is the list of blogging podcasts currently in my queue:

  • The Blog Millionaire - The podcast and been running strong since the beginning of 2016 and has over 60 episodes. Brandon Gaille shares how he gets over 2 million visitors to his blog every month.
  • Blogging Your Passion - For over 5 years, Jonathan Milligan has been sharing his tips for blogging and has been interviewing many successful entrepreneurs. Many episodes are "exerpts" from the blogging courses sold on his website. He is very passionate about blogging and this is a must listen.
  • I Teach Blogging - Another long running podcast at over 3 years and close to 200 episodes. The show is usually only the host talking (Renee) and is Wordpress centric. The first shows are rough (as I'm sure Renee will agree with), but really hits it's stride about 20 episodes in and tightens up the format around episode 50.
  • Just Keep Blogging - This is a new podcast and is only 12 episodes in. I have not listened to it yet, but feel free to check it out ;)
  • ProBlogger - At over 200 episodes in 2.5 years, this is also a must listen. Darren Rowse shares tips to help you make money blogging.

I'm sure there are plenty more blogging podcasts I missed, but finding one that is current is not easy. If I missed one, drop a note in the comments. I'll keep this list current as I keep listening.

If you are interested in home automation, I also created a post with the home automation podcasts I listen to.